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Hong Kong Police Infiltrated by Mainland People’s Armed Police?

We have speculated here on China Daily News, as have many others, that the Hong Kong police have been infiltrated by People’s Armed Police from the mainland, and perhaps are being directly run by the People’s Armed Police now. It is possible that some regular Hong Kong police have been supplanted by People’s Armed Police officers and agents. The Hong Kong police leadership could be serving just as figureheads, with real control exercised by People’s Armed Police (the CCP, essentially) from behind the scenes.

It hasn’t made much sense that one of the most respected police forces in Asia would suddenly become out-of-control, brutal thugs completely disregarding the law and the rights of the Hong Kong people. Infiltration by People’s Armed Police would explain that.

In press conferences, the Hong Kong police leadership has denied that mainland People’s Armed Police or People’s Liberation Army units are embedded in the Hong Kong police force.

Today, however, more evidence has come to light that there are, in fact, mainland police in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong people usually speak Cantonese, a language spoken widely in southern China, including in Hong Kong. Mandarin is spoken in mainland China, and originates in northern China. They do not sound the same. This writer has studied Mandarin for over ten years, and it is pretty clear that the police in this video are speaking Mandarin. Native Mandarin and Cantonese speakers viewing the video have said the same.

What is actually happening in Hong Kong? Hong Kong police are also infiltrating the pro-democracy movement, and have admitted doing so, to arrest “extremely violent protesters.” There is clear evidence of it happening, like this Hong Kong police identity card dropped by a “protester.”

So how much of the violence and vandalism has actually been committed by CCP infiltrators and agitators posing as members of the pro-democracy movement in order to blame the demonstrators and turn public opinion away from them? At this point, who can say? Infiltration and espionage have long been a favored tactic of communists, going back to the earliest days of the CCP in its fight against the Nationalists.

The CCP’s pet media lapdogs, China Daily, Xinhua News, CCTV, Global Daily, etc. incessantly call the pro-democracy demonstrators, “rioters,” and show lurid images of violence and vandalism supposedly committed by them. But given that we know that the demonstrations have been infiltrated by the Hong Kong police, and the Hong Kong police have been infiltrated – or even taken over – by the CCP-controlled People’s Armed Police, is there really any doubt that CCP agents provocateur have also infiltrated the demonstrations? Who is really behind the violence and vandalism?

Beijing Ramping Up Violence in Hong Kong

Several media sources are reporting on clashes between pro-democracy demonstrators and pro-CCP agitators in Hong Kong.

SCMP Post on Twitter
Tom Grundy of Hong Kong Free Press

Pro-CCP agitators attacked random passers-by – it appears just about any young person – and when Hong Kong police arrived, none of the blue-shirted agitators was arrested. The Hong Kong police appear to be cooperating with pro-Beijing thugs (triad gang members?). Note also that some of the police are in plain clothes and are not carrying identification. When asked by reporters to show identification, as they must according to Hong Kong law, they threatened the reporters. Are they actually Hong Kong police, or are they mainland China People’s Armed Police that have infiltrated the Hong Kong police?

Kids as young as 11 years old were arrested by the Hong Kong police.

All of this happened in the past day, and it is intentional.

These are not, for the most part, random Hong Kong people that are “pro-Beijing.” They are paid agitators, triad gang members, perhaps even People’s Armed Police agents, and the Hong Kong police are cooperating with them. Despite all of their rhetoric about returning Hong Kong to normal, stopping the violence, and so on, Beijing is ramping up the violence on purpose. They want to violently crack down on the pro-democracy movement, but they also don’t want to be seen as overtly doing so, so they resort to covert tactics like these to give themselves plausible deniability. Arresting and beating children and teenagers, even when they aren’t taking part in any protest, is intended to scare these kids and their parents from participating in demonstrations or supporting the pro-democracy movement. Using triad gang members and plainclothes People’s Armed Police agents as provocateurs and shock troops allows Beijing and the HK government to deny responsibility for the violence. But it is Beijing and the Hong Kong government and police that are responsible. At this point, we are speculating that the Hong Kong government may have entirely lost control of the Hong Kong police. The police no longer care about the law; they are openly beating people in the streets, violating Hong Kong law, arresting people for no reason whatsoever, and even arresting young children. Has someone from Beijing taken direct control of the Hong Kong police?

Yet More Police Brutality in Hong Kong

This is insane.

Yes, we are aware that there is a longer video that shows what was happening before the police threw the tear gas grenade. It doesn’t matter. The police have no right to throw a tear gas grenade with no warning and with no idea who is in the area. In this case, the grenade struck a journalist in the head before falling to the ground and exploding. If the timing had been just a little different, that journalist could have been seriously injured or killed.

Some people claim to hear the police officers speaking Mandarin Chinese. The Hong Kong people generally speak Cantonese, which sounds quite different. This writer cannot hear what the officers are saying clearly. It does not sound like Cantonese, in any case. Many people are speculating that these officers are actually mainland China People’s Armed Police officers dressed as Hong Kong police. If so, it would explain why they are speaking what sounds like Mandarin, rather than Cantonese, and why they are so uncaring and ill-trained that they would throw a tear gas grenade directly into a group of journalists.

Given the escalation of undeniable police brutality in Hong Kong over the past few weeks, it is entirely believable that the Hong Kong police have been infiltrated, or possibly even taken over, by the People’s Armed Police or elements of the PLA. This is entirely speculation, but could the rotation of the PLA unit stationed in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago been part of this?

The Crackdown in Hong Kong Begins?

Hong Kong police have arrested prominent activists, Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow, reports Hong Kong Free Press. Also, leader of the banned pro-independence Hong Kong National Party, Andy Chan, was arrested on the evening of August 29th while boarding a flight to Japan.

It is not the first time that Joshua Wong has been arrested for protesting for democracy in Hong Kong. Some that don’t follow Chinese politics may not know about the “Occupy Movement” or “Umbrella Movement,” a series of protests that took place in fall and winter of 2014. Wong was arrested and sentenced to six to eight months imprisonment for his activities during those protests. This long Wikipedia article has an extensive discussion of the events of the Occupy Movement (we know that Wikipedia is not always reliable, but the article goes into a lot of detail on what happened, so it is valuable, regardless).

So, protests for democracy in Hong Kong are not new, and the Chinese media’s feigned surprise at the current protests is disingenuous and ridiculous.

Yesterday, we posted an article on the rotation of the PLA contingent in Hong Kong, wondering if Beijing was rotating in forces prepared to deal harshly with the protesters – and hoping it was not. These arrests may be another precursor to that. Beijing would like to deprive the protest movement of leaders (they likely cannot comprehend that such a movement could be essentially leaderless), and then scatter the remaining protesters, thinking that without the leadership, the protest movement will dissolve – especially if it is under pressure by Hong Kong police and PLA elements using tough (read, violent) tactics.

Today, Beijing also “reminded” the Hong Kong people that the People’s Armed Police force is still just across the border:

And CCTV posted another article on the rotation of the PLA contingent in Hong Kong.

This post is more concerning than the one yesterday. It is much more militaristic, and the phrase in the tweet “perform its defense duty in Hong Kong in accordance with the law” is threatening.

The Hong Kong Free Press additionally reported that a planned peaceful march and rally to be held Saturday was banned by the Hong Kong police. It seems almost certain that there will be protests, marches, and rallies, despite the ban – which will then be (technically correctly) deemed illegal by the Hong Kong authorities.

This weekend the U.S. is celebrating its Labor Day holiday, the traditional end of summer, and preparing for kids to start the new school year. A major hurricane is aimed for Florida. News coverage of international events is likely to be less than usual. (see this comment at Small Dead Animals blog).

Is Beijing trying to engineer a violent confrontation with the protesters, using “illegal” protests as a pretext over this Labor Day weekend, when the U.S. is distracted? It would not surprise us at all. If news is blacked out and internet access to Hong Kong is shut down or restricted, be very, very concerned.

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