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Zhejiang University Steals/Copies Boston Dynamics Technology. Marco Rubio Pushes TAIPEI Act. Continuing Protests in Hong Kong.

While not denying that it happens, this writer has sometimes thought that the talk of China stealing much of their technology from the U.S. and other countries has been overblown. China certainly has plenty of smart engineers and scientists, so do they really need to steal that much technology? But after seeing this video, it certainly looks like some well-known technology was stolen, or at least copied, from the U.S. company Boston Dynamics.

Now look at a short clip of Boston Dynamics’ Spot Mini that will be for sale commercially soon – one of a series of similar robots that the company has developed:

The similarities are unmistakable. Was Zhejiang University’s robot technology stolen or copied? We can’t say. But it is certainly not original.

After the Solomon Islands switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to mainland China, it has been facing backlash, most prominently from Senators Marco Rubio and Cory Gardner (both Republicans). They are pushing for passage of the TAIPEI Act, which promotes diplomatic recognition of Taiwan by other countries and sanctions countries that switch diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to mainland China. The bill has bipartisan support, but did not pass the Senate in 2018. Given recent events in Hong Kong and elsewhere, we would not be surprised if the bill gains more support this year.

This Taiwan News article has more details:

The protests in Hong Kong continued today, with the Hong Kong police once again demonstrating that they are completely out of control and lawless, and the leadership denying that there is any problem at all. First of all:

And then, of course, Hong Kong police spokespeople saying they don’t see any problem:

There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know.

Beijing Ramping Up Violence in Hong Kong

Several media sources are reporting on clashes between pro-democracy demonstrators and pro-CCP agitators in Hong Kong.

SCMP Post on Twitter
Tom Grundy of Hong Kong Free Press

Pro-CCP agitators attacked random passers-by – it appears just about any young person – and when Hong Kong police arrived, none of the blue-shirted agitators was arrested. The Hong Kong police appear to be cooperating with pro-Beijing thugs (triad gang members?). Note also that some of the police are in plain clothes and are not carrying identification. When asked by reporters to show identification, as they must according to Hong Kong law, they threatened the reporters. Are they actually Hong Kong police, or are they mainland China People’s Armed Police that have infiltrated the Hong Kong police?

Kids as young as 11 years old were arrested by the Hong Kong police.

All of this happened in the past day, and it is intentional.

These are not, for the most part, random Hong Kong people that are “pro-Beijing.” They are paid agitators, triad gang members, perhaps even People’s Armed Police agents, and the Hong Kong police are cooperating with them. Despite all of their rhetoric about returning Hong Kong to normal, stopping the violence, and so on, Beijing is ramping up the violence on purpose. They want to violently crack down on the pro-democracy movement, but they also don’t want to be seen as overtly doing so, so they resort to covert tactics like these to give themselves plausible deniability. Arresting and beating children and teenagers, even when they aren’t taking part in any protest, is intended to scare these kids and their parents from participating in demonstrations or supporting the pro-democracy movement. Using triad gang members and plainclothes People’s Armed Police agents as provocateurs and shock troops allows Beijing and the HK government to deny responsibility for the violence. But it is Beijing and the Hong Kong government and police that are responsible. At this point, we are speculating that the Hong Kong government may have entirely lost control of the Hong Kong police. The police no longer care about the law; they are openly beating people in the streets, violating Hong Kong law, arresting people for no reason whatsoever, and even arresting young children. Has someone from Beijing taken direct control of the Hong Kong police?

China’s Gulag

At China Daily News, we’ve focused much of our attention on the ongoing pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong. Because Hong Kong is still (for now) open and accessible, we hear much more about it, and the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement is technically and media-savvy, so it is adept at drawing people’s attention.

Arguably, however, what is happening to the Uyghurs in Xinjiang province is a much larger humanitarian and human rights crisis. According to reports, as many as one million Uyghurs have been rounded up and sent to “re-education” (read “concentration”) camps. [Human Rights Watch report here] [UPDATE: This Financial Times article says 1.5 million Uyghurs have been sent to the camps.]

Of course, the CCP does its best to keep this out of the news and minimize whatever reporting does come out about it. Fortunately, there are prominent leaders in the U.S. that have been paying attention.

Senator Rubio, Florida Republican, has been urging the U.S. Congress to pass the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act and for President Trump to sign it into law. Today, it passed the U.S. Senate, and next will be taken up by the House of Representatives, where it is also very likely to pass.

We completely agree with Senator Rubio’s statement, but would add that it is long overdue that the democracy and freedom-loving people of the whole world start standing up to the CCP’s oppression and bullying, not just of other countries, but of its own people – whether they are Xinjiang Uyghurs, Tibetans, the people of Hong Kong, or the everyday people – the laobaixing -living throughout China. Human rights are human rights – and even if someone happens to live in China, those rights still exist. The CCP may violate and oppress people’s rights, but they cannot take them away – they are inherent in being human.

We urge the full U.S. Congress to pass the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act and the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act as quickly as possible, and for President Trump to sign them into law, irrespective of the status of any trade negotiations taking place with China.

No Hong Kong Protests out of Respect for 9/11

We posted an article on September 10th, 2019 on China Daily’s disgusting and offensive use of images of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers in New York City. China Daily claimed that the Hong Kong protesters were planning massive terror attacks in Hong Kong. Of course, like so much that the CCP’s media lapdogs reports, it was complete and utter nonsense (stronger words come to mind, but we like to keep out articles free of profanity).

Today, the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong proved that it was nonsense and also that it is a group with morals and conscience. They released a statement that there would only be peaceful protests on 9/11 – non confrontations with the police. The Hong Kong Free press reports:

As an American, this writer truly, truly appreciates this gesture. Watching the second jetliner crash into the WTC tower was one of the most horrifying events I have ever experienced – perhaps the most. Watching people – my fellow Americans – make the terrible choice to commit suicide by jumping out of the tower, rather than be burned alive was unimaginable and heartbreaking.

The contrast here (to continue a theme for today) shows the character of the CCP versus that of the protesters. The CCP’s media lapdogs continually try to smear the protest movement as violent, and even as sex abusers, but in actual fact, it is the CCP and its supporters who are devoid of morals, abusers of the natural rights of all humanity, thieves of others’ property, and a danger to the entire world. We have said it before – the Chinese people deserve a much better government than they have.

Students Form Human Chains in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Free Press reports that students today formed human chains in Hong Kong in peaceful demonstrations in support of the protest movement.

Hong Kong Free Press

We posted an article on August 24th about the human chains that were formed across Hong Kong – the “Hong Kong Way” chains – to demonstrate for the rights of Hong Kong and in celebration of the “Baltic Way” chains that were part of the demonstrations that led to freedom for the Baltic countries from the Soviet Union.

These kinds of protests are effective, especially for students that are too young (in our opinion) to face the dangers of physical confrontations with Hong Kong’s increasingly violent police. Singing, holding hands in solidarity, and other non-violent demonstrations by young people can be very powerful, especially in gaining support from the older people, who naturally want to protect them.

That protection is needed, as the Hong Kong police have even resorted to beating high school students while they are at school. It’s hard to image, but unfortunately true:

Hong Kong Free Press video at YouTube

Fortunately, today’s demonstration by school students was not violent. Other protests in Hong Kong today, sadly, were.

More Police Brutality in Hong Kong

People may be tempted to think that the police brutality being perpetrated on the Hong Kong people is isolated and rare. It is not. There are numerous videos showing the police beating and pepper spraying people, whether or not the are resisting or involved in protests at all. Here is yet another example.

黑警毆打途人 推上👉🏽Twitter 加速通過🇺🇸香港民主法案!9月8日 星期日 美國領事館見🇺🇸1️⃣加入上帝Twitter!️⃣加入上帝IG!

Posted by 上帝 on Saturday, September 7, 2019
Hong Kong police beating HK citizens

These kinds of videos need to be highlighted and circulated widely. Until now (as far as we know), no one has been killed by the HK police, but many people have been seriously injured by their out-of-control violence against the Hong Kong people. Few, if any, of the people in this video are dressed like protesters – no helmets, no masks, just people dressed in normal, everyday clothes. They are not resisting the police, nor committing any crime. Yet the police beat them with their truncheons. It is simply assault and battery. The police have become the criminals.

The police are aware that what they are doing is illegal. They have started targeting photographers and journalists, pushing them away from places where they are engaging and arresting protesters, verbally abusing journalists, and even pepper spraying them. There is plenty of video evidence of that happening as well.

Hong Kong Free Press

Many people are speculating that the Hong Kong police force, once one of the most respected in Asia, has been infiltrated by elements of China’s People’s Armed Police. Seeing how ill-trained and violent some of the HK police are, it is not at all hard to believe. A fully independent investigation into the actions of the police is urgently required.

Hong Kong Extradition Bill to be Formally Withdrawn

This is incredibly important, if it is true. The Hong Kong Free Press is reporting that Carrie Lam will formally withdraw the extradition bill. This bill is the initial cause of the protests that have convulsed Hong Kong for over three months.

If the bill is formally withdrawn, the Hong Kong government will meet one of the five primary demands of the protesters, and it could pave the way for negotiations on the other four of the protesters’ five demands.

That said, if the bill is withdrawn, look for Beijing and the HK government to pressure the protesters to relent. If the protests continue anyway, many people, both in Hong Kong and internationally, will tend to view the protesters as unreasonable. The protest movement must play this very carefully, or they will lose the public support that they currently enjoy. Beijing may be counting on more radical elements in the protest movement to overplay their hand, alienating their base of support. That must not happen if the protest movement wants to effect lasting change in Hong Kong.

In any case, if the bill is withdrawn, it does appear to be a victory for the protest movement – but let’s not celebrate too early. This is an early report, and it is likely that Beijing has other plans in effect to disperse and blunt the effect of the protest movement.

More Scenes of Police Brutality in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong police appear to have lost control of themselves, and are no longer even pretending to follow the law or respect the rights of the Hong Kong people.

We ran across this tweet today. Like the video of the HK police in the subway, it shows the HK police violently confronting a bystander, not dressed in any way like a protester (he’s wearing a t-shirt and shorts), not threatening anyone, and not committing any sort of crime. The video is disturbing. Note how the police use their shields to try to block anyone from recording what they are doing. It is clear they know their actions are illegal.

This YouTube video from the Hong Kong Free Press shows a Hong Kong police chasing down and beating an unarmed, unresisting protester in the HK airport, and then later screaming in the faces of three young female protesters, obviously scaring them half to death. He is finally calmed down and removed from the scene by a higher-ranking officer.

The HK police are inciting more anger and violence by the Hong Kong people. The HK government and leadership of the police must get control of their officers, rather than making excuses for them.

More Violent Protests in Hong Kong; Police Beat Passengers in Subway Trains

As expected, protesters marched again today in Hong Kong. There are reports (and video) or protesters throwing “petrol bombs” (Molotov cocktails), including throwing them at the HK legislative building. There are also reports that police charged a subway/train station and fired pepper spray, resulting in numerous injuries, at least some to bystanders not part of the protests. The video is horrifying. Hong Kong police board a train, beat passengers with their batons, then get off the train without making any arrests. It appears to be totally unjustified violence.

The South China Morning Post has posted a timeline of the events as they are happening. They have also reported that at least two live-round warning shots were fired by the police into the air. Hong Kong police have also infiltrated the protest groups, arresting some protesters, but also causing fights between undercover officers and protesters.

The Hong Kong government has issued a statement condemning violence by the protesters. Of course, they have not, and will not, condemn unjustified violence by the police.

The Hong Kong government is said to be considering invoking emergency powers legislation. This will no doubt incite even larger protests. The HK government’s intransigence and unwillingness to negotiate the protester’s demands in any way, and unjustified violence by the HK police, is making the protesters more and more angry, and making the situation worse and worse.

The situation today in Hong Kong is extremely chaotic and dangerous. The HK police appear to be out of control (or perhaps beating protesters and bystanders is a deliberate tactic to provoked a confrontation). Will Beijing respond by sending in the PLA and People’s Armed Police to occupy Hong Kong? A large-scale, violent crackdown, with martial law imposed, could very well be the next step. When the government flatly refuses to consider the protester’s demands in any way, and the protesters will not back down, what other path forward is possible?

More Arrests of Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists

The Hong Kong Free Press posted an article reporting on more arrests of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, including some Hong Kong lawmakers.

Pro-democracy lawmakers Jeremy Tam and Au Nok-hin were arrested on Friday evening – the latest of the high-profile pro-democracy activists to be rounded up by Hong Kong police.

Their arrests come after the detention of other several high-profile activists over the space of two days, including Joshua WongAgnes Chow, Andy ChanAlthea Suen and Shatin District Councillor Rick Hui. Lawmaker Cheng Chung-tai was also arrested en route to an event in Tin Shui Wai on Friday.

Hong Kong Free Press

Meanwhile, Global Times (one of the Chinese state-run media outlets) has reported that Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow were released hours after their arrest yesterday, deepening “concerns that a banned rally on Saturday could turn into extreme violence.”

We continue to be concerned that Beijing is trying to engineer a violent confrontation with police over this weekend, after arresting as many of the pro-democracy movement’s leaders as they can, in order to provide cover for a harsh crackdown on the protesters. Beijing needs to be continually reminded that a large-scale crackdown that results in extreme violence and deaths will have significant economic consequences, and they will lose standing in the international community.

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