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No Hong Kong Protests out of Respect for 9/11

We posted an article on September 10th, 2019 on China Daily’s disgusting and offensive use of images of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers in New York City. China Daily claimed that the Hong Kong protesters were planning massive terror attacks in Hong Kong. Of course, like so much that the CCP’s media lapdogs reports, it was complete and utter nonsense (stronger words come to mind, but we like to keep out articles free of profanity).

Today, the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong proved that it was nonsense and also that it is a group with morals and conscience. They released a statement that there would only be peaceful protests on 9/11 – non confrontations with the police. The Hong Kong Free press reports:

As an American, this writer truly, truly appreciates this gesture. Watching the second jetliner crash into the WTC tower was one of the most horrifying events I have ever experienced – perhaps the most. Watching people – my fellow Americans – make the terrible choice to commit suicide by jumping out of the tower, rather than be burned alive was unimaginable and heartbreaking.

The contrast here (to continue a theme for today) shows the character of the CCP versus that of the protesters. The CCP’s media lapdogs continually try to smear the protest movement as violent, and even as sex abusers, but in actual fact, it is the CCP and its supporters who are devoid of morals, abusers of the natural rights of all humanity, thieves of others’ property, and a danger to the entire world. We have said it before – the Chinese people deserve a much better government than they have.

China Daily’s Disgusting, Offensive Fake News

When you view as much of the CCP’s pet media as we do, one tends to become inured to the childish lies and propaganda that they spew every day. Most of it is obviously false and convinces only ignorant or weak-minded people. Frankly, it seems aimed more at the legions of the “50-cent army” than it does to people of democratic countries.

However, once in a while, they post something so incredibly stupid and offensive that it is almost unbelievable. Look at this Facebook post from China Daily’s Hong Kong edition:

Anti-government fanatics are planning massive terror attacks, including blowing up gas pipes, in Hong Kong on September…

Posted by China Daily Hong Kong on Monday, September 9, 2019

How anyone thought it was a good idea to use the image of the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center towers in New York in this disgusting fake news post is just absolutely beyond comprehension. Just how low will the CCP sink? It is yet another reminder that the CCP is run by thugs with no moral compass whatsoever. It saddens us that China, with its long history and rich, fascinating culture is run by fools and knaves, devoid of conscience. The Chinese people deserve a much better government than they have. Support the Hong Kong people in freeing themselves from those tyrannical monsters.

China Daily: Protesters Have No Excuse to Continue Violence

Just as we predicted in our previous post and our post from last night, Beijing has started its propaganda machine on ending protests because the extradition bill has been withdrawn.

Hong Kong is expected to be free of any more violence, including rioting, now that the special administrative region’s chief executive has withdrawn what was a well-intended bill to amend the extradition law

Of course, as events have shown over and over, much of the violence has been instigated by the Hong Kong police, so whether or not there is any violence at protests in the future depends as much on how the police behave as it does on how the protesters behave.

As we’ve said, the pro-democracy movement needs to play this very carefully. If there is any violence at future protests, you can count on the CCP’s pet media to blame it on the protesters, trying to discredit the movement. After withdrawing the extradition bill (which was really the easiest of the protesters’ demands to meet), the CCP and the HK government are trying to claim that they are being reasonable.

Hong Kong Protests Continue Today

The Hong Kong Free Press posted a long Twitter thread today on the continuing Hong Kong protests held today. Protesters held a sit in and then occupied a transit station (Yuen Long MTR) for some time before dispersing. Fortunately, it appears that the protest was peaceful, with both the police and protesters showing restraint; although, some protesters shined laser pointers at the police.

Meanwhile, Chinese state-controlled media (China Daily, in this case) is pushing a narrative that the protesters are violent thugs and terrorists (including a blatant lie about the protesters using an M320 grenade launcher against the police). They continue to ratchet up their rhetoric.

A few days ago, Hong Kong Free Press reported that a China Daily article said there would be no repeat of Tiananmen Massacre in Hong Kong. If that is truly the case, then it would seem that China’s propaganda is aimed at turning international (and Hong Kong residents’) opinion against the protesters, in hope that they will be shamed into stopping their demonstrations. Thus far, that does not appear to be happening. Support for the protesters appears to be strong in the U.S., Taiwan, and other Chinese communities. Pro-Beijing support appears to be narrow, and is likely to have been orchestrated from Beijing, rather than being spontaneous. Of course, there are some “patriotic” Chinese students at universities throughout the world that are demonstrating in favor of China, but our observation is that the pro-Beijing demonstrations seem to be more against criticism of China, and much less in favor of the CCP and its policies.

Despite saying that there would be no repeat of Tiananmen, the rhetoric coming from Chinese state-run media today is worrisome. The continued escalation of their rhetoric, with the China Daily video today openly calling the protesters “terrorists” (after saying that their behavior “approached terrorism” last week), even after massive, but completely peaceful, protests over this past weekend, is not a good sign. Beijing needs to be continually reminded that the world is watching, and any violent crackdown in Hong Kong will have very serious consequences for China on the world stage.

Chinese Media Continue to Push the “Violent Protesters” Line

In yet another example of how the Chinese media outlets are controlled by CCP propagandists, CCTV, Xinhua News, and China Daily are all continuing to push the narrative that the protesters are violent radicals, despite the fact that yesterday around 1.7 million protesters (over 1/5 of the entire population of Hong Kong) marched peacefully (but in defiance of orders by the HK police that the protesters must not march through the streets).


China Daily:

Xinhua News:

Lingang Included in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

A South China Morning Post article titled “Lingang’s inclusion in Shanghai Free-Trade Zone a chance for Beijing to conduct bold reforms” discusses moves by China to recreate the success of Hong Kong in other parts of China.

Shanghai’s move to replicate a mini-Hong Kong style free marketplace after it included a 119.5 sq km untapped area at Lingang into its free-trade zone is a step in the right direction analysts say, but they caution more needs to be done to create a flourishing zone that can pose a real threat to the region’s established financial centre.
The renewed effort to turn the six-year-old Shanghai free-trade zone into a boomtown to showcase China’s economic might reflects Beijing’s resolution in opening up the mainland market amid its trade war with Washington and ongoing protests in Hong Kong over a now-suspended extradition bill.

South China Morning Post

This move is worrisome, given the current situation in Hong Kong. For some time, it has appeared to this writer that China could be moving towards replacing Hong Kong’s finance and trade with Shanghai. Expansion of the Shanghai free trade zone, and linking that expansion to Hong Kong in this Chinese media outlet add some credence to that idea. If China views Hong Kong as expendable in the long run, the Beijing government might be less hesitant to crack down harshly on protesters there. Let’s hope that it doesn’t happen.

More on the Lingang Free Trade Zone from China Daily.

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