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Chinese Police Destroyed 107,000 Illegal Guns Last Year

China Daily reports that 107,000 illegal weapons were confiscated and destroyed in 154 cities throughout China last year.

Since January, police nationwide have cracked down on 16,000 gun or explosive-related cases, smashing 163 organized gangs and destroying 117 criminal workshops.

China Daily

I have been assured by prominent politicians in the U.S. that if strict gun control laws are enacted here, then we won’t have to worry about people having guns.

CCP (via CCTV) Continues to Blame Jimmy Lai and the U.S. for Hong Kong Protests

Apparently unable to fathom that the people of Hong Kong might be dissatisfied with one-party dictatorship, no rule of law, and loss of their freedoms, the CCP via their media arm CCTV, continues to spew conspiracies that Jimmy Lai and the U.S. are behind the protests in Hong Kong.

Pay no attention to the fact that President Trump said (link to Reuters article) that the riots in Hong Kong are China’s to solve.

Beijing Government Makes Clear Military Threat Against HK Protesters

People’s Daily, essentially a media organ of the Chinese Communist Party, reports that the armed police armored vehicle fleet (military armored personnel carriers, it appears) are taking part in a “drill” in Shenzhen. What they don’t say in the tweet is that Shenzhen is right across the border from Hong Kong. It takes literally minutes to get from Shenzhen to Hong Kong.

Tsai Ing-Wen: Hong Kong Must Address Protesters’ “Aspirations for Democracy”

Tsai Ing-Wen (President of Taiwan) tweeted this:

She is absolutely right. Violence by Beijing and Hong Kong’s government will not solve the problem over the long term. China must negotiate in good faith, and be willing to make concessions and guaranties of autonomy and freedom that the people of Hong Kong want and are fighting for.

The Hill Opinion: China’s worst fears: Hong Kong, Taiwan and any other democracy

The Hill opinion piece by Seth Cropsey:

If semi-autonomous, democratic-capitalist Hong Kong frightens China’s President Xi Jinping and his inner circle, the prospect of a fully independent, democratic-capitalist Taiwan — just 81 miles off the Chinese coast — must terrify them.

Seth Cropsey in The Hill

It’s long , but definitely worth reading.

Taiwan Team Places Second at Las Vegas Capture the Flag Network Security Contest

The Taiwanese team HITCON x BFKinesiS took second place at the DEF CON Capture the Flag network security competition, reports the Taiwan Times. The US team PPP (Plaid Parliament of Pwning) won the event, with the Tea Deliverers from China placing third.

The recent Chinese drama series Go Go Squid! ( 亲爱的,热爱的 ) (available on used Capture the Flag hacking tournaments as the basis for the story, emphasizing China’s determination to lead the world in these events.

CGTN Blames U.S. and Taiwan for HK Protests, Warns of Dire Economic Consequences

In an broadcast panel interview, CGTN (the CCP, in actuality) blames everyone but China’s own oppressive government for the continuing protests in Hong Kong. The panel actually says that the protesters are being trained by the CIA and that hundreds of thousands of dollars are being sent from Taiwan to support the protesters. They say there is “anecdotal evidence,” meaning, of course, that the “evidence” is just fictional propaganda produced by the Beijing and HK governments. No real evidence is provided (of course). The panel discussion is in English.

Violent Protests Continue in Hong Kong

South China Morning Post reports that undercover police dressed as protesters to infiltrate the protest groups, tear gas was fired inside a subway station, and violent protests continue without police permission. Other reports tell of a protester suffering a serious eye injury after being hit by a beanbag round fired by a police officer at close range.

Hong Kong/Mainland Chinese Students Clash in Australian Universities

The Taipei Times has an article discussing conflicts between mainland Chinese students studying at Australian universities with other students, principally students from Hong Kong, over protests staged at those universities in support of the protesters in Hong Kong. The article begins:

Tensions in Hong Kong have rippled across Australian universities, as supporters of the pro-democracy protests have been targeted and harassed by “patriotic” Chinese students — with the tacit backing of Beijing.

Taipei Times article attributed to AFP, Sydney
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