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Yet More Police Brutality in Hong Kong

This is insane.

Yes, we are aware that there is a longer video that shows what was happening before the police threw the tear gas grenade. It doesn’t matter. The police have no right to throw a tear gas grenade with no warning and with no idea who is in the area. In this case, the grenade struck a journalist in the head before falling to the ground and exploding. If the timing had been just a little different, that journalist could have been seriously injured or killed.

Some people claim to hear the police officers speaking Mandarin Chinese. The Hong Kong people generally speak Cantonese, which sounds quite different. This writer cannot hear what the officers are saying clearly. It does not sound like Cantonese, in any case. Many people are speculating that these officers are actually mainland China People’s Armed Police officers dressed as Hong Kong police. If so, it would explain why they are speaking what sounds like Mandarin, rather than Cantonese, and why they are so uncaring and ill-trained that they would throw a tear gas grenade directly into a group of journalists.

Given the escalation of undeniable police brutality in Hong Kong over the past few weeks, it is entirely believable that the Hong Kong police have been infiltrated, or possibly even taken over, by the People’s Armed Police or elements of the PLA. This is entirely speculation, but could the rotation of the PLA unit stationed in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago been part of this?

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