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When Will the HK Police be Held Accountable?

Again, clear video evidence of police brutality by the Hong Kong police:

In the video above, you can clearly see a person being held down by a police officer, fully restrained, while a second office hits the person in the head twice with his baton. There is no reason for that officer to hit him at all, let alone deliberately in the head.

What do you say, Acting Senior Superintendent (Operations) Vasco Williams of the Hong Kong police force? Is this clear enough evidence for you? Is the justified and appropriate use of force? Was this officer so stupid as to assault someone in public?

The Hong Kong police must be held accountable for their brutality. There is absolutely no question that they are out-of-control thugs. An independent investigation into the Hong Kong police must be held, and officers that have brutally attacked protesters must be prosecuted.

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