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Students Form Human Chains in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Free Press reports that students today formed human chains in Hong Kong in peaceful demonstrations in support of the protest movement.

Hong Kong Free Press

We posted an article on August 24th about the human chains that were formed across Hong Kong – the “Hong Kong Way” chains – to demonstrate for the rights of Hong Kong and in celebration of the “Baltic Way” chains that were part of the demonstrations that led to freedom for the Baltic countries from the Soviet Union.

These kinds of protests are effective, especially for students that are too young (in our opinion) to face the dangers of physical confrontations with Hong Kong’s increasingly violent police. Singing, holding hands in solidarity, and other non-violent demonstrations by young people can be very powerful, especially in gaining support from the older people, who naturally want to protect them.

That protection is needed, as the Hong Kong police have even resorted to beating high school students while they are at school. It’s hard to image, but unfortunately true:

Hong Kong Free Press video at YouTube

Fortunately, today’s demonstration by school students was not violent. Other protests in Hong Kong today, sadly, were.

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