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China Daily: Protesters Have No Excuse to Continue Violence

Just as we predicted in our previous post and our post from last night, Beijing has started its propaganda machine on ending protests because the extradition bill has been withdrawn.

Hong Kong is expected to be free of any more violence, including rioting, now that the special administrative region’s chief executive has withdrawn what was a well-intended bill to amend the extradition law

Of course, as events have shown over and over, much of the violence has been instigated by the Hong Kong police, so whether or not there is any violence at protests in the future depends as much on how the police behave as it does on how the protesters behave.

As we’ve said, the pro-democracy movement needs to play this very carefully. If there is any violence at future protests, you can count on the CCP’s pet media to blame it on the protesters, trying to discredit the movement. After withdrawing the extradition bill (which was really the easiest of the protesters’ demands to meet), the CCP and the HK government are trying to claim that they are being reasonable.

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