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The Hong Kong Way – Human Chains Across Hong Kong

Today, residents of Hong Kong formed human chains throughout Hong Kong in continued peaceful protests, reiterating their demands to the HK government.

According to Joshua Wong, one of the leading Hong Kong activists, the human chains of the “Hong Kong Way” were organized according to the principles of the Baltic Way human chain that was formed by approximately 2 million people across Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania 30 years ago today (August 23rd, 1989) to protest the Soviet Union’s oppression of those countries (former republics under the control of the Soviet Union).

The bravery of the Hong Kong protesters cannot be overstated. Beijing has made numerous overt military threats against the protesters, has labeled them as terrorists, and orchestrated a pervasive disinformation campaign to turn world opinion against them.

So, these non-violent protests, using proven tactics that are visually and emotionally appealing, take away one of the CCP’s propagandists greatest weapons against the protesters. A violent crackdown by Beijing against peaceful protesters linked arm-in-arm in solidarity to demand their rights would be a PR disaster for China. The protesters aren’t giving up.

UPDATE: Please read this excellent Hong Kong Free Press article that covers the Hong Kong Way human chain, with many pictures and quotes from the participants. It’s well worth your time.

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