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Taiwan News Opinion: China’s disregard for HK freedoms shows why Taiwan must take a stand

Taiwan News writer David Spencer, in an opinion piece posted August 3rd, argues that Beijing’s handling of the Hong Kong protests show that Taiwan must not give in to pressure from Beijing to re-unite.

It is perfectly possible that the CCP will resort to sending the ironically-named People’s Liberation Army onto the streets to suppress the people. This action could easily lead to another Tiananmen Square with serious blood being spilt on the streets of Hong Kong.
The CCP will want to avoid this and the inevitable international backlash that will follow. But with protestors showing no sign of backing down, there is a growing feeling that this is the moment when Hong Kong’s freedom movement will either succeed or die trying.
This moment could be the endgame for Hong Kong and the notion of “One Country, Two Systems.”

David Spencer in Taiwan News

Definitely read the whole article.

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