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Police Brutality in Hong Kong

The BBC News (Chinese edition) shows some of the aftermath of the Hong Kong police brutality when they boarded subway trains and indiscriminately beat passengers, whether they were associated with the ongoing protests or not.

We wrote about this incident in our previous post, but it appears to be even more serious than it initially appeared.

This is enormously saddening and sickening. We have had some sympathy for the Hong Kong police. No doubt that they are under huge pressure to try to maintain law and order in Hong Kong under extreme circumstances, but after seeing their unrestrained violence against unresisting people, and seeing some (still unsubstantiated) reports that the police are behind at least some of the “petrol bomb” attacks, attacks by triad gangs on protesters, and other violence, it is getting harder and harder to have any sympathy at all for them. The Beijing and Hong Kong governments are failing the people of Hong Kong, hiding behind the police, and blaming the protesters for their failures.

It is looking more and more like Beijing is actively trying to engineer a violent confrontation in order to impose martial law in Hong Kong. The end of any form of “one country, two systems” may come very soon. The international community must stand up for Hong Kong.

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