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Martial Law on the Way in Hong Kong?

This tweet by CGTN adds weight to our previous post:

Will the Hong Kong government declare an emergency, and Beijing then impose martial law on Hong Kong? Communication with Hong Kong being cut or restricted will not be a good sign, and the video implies that the Hong Kong government might do it.

Screen capture from CGTN video

Such regulations may provide for — censorship and the control and suppression of publications, photographs, communications amending any enactment, the punishment of any offence with such penalties, and sanctions including life imprisonment.

Carrie Lam, Hong Kong Chief Executive, speaking in CGTN video

The world needs to pay close attention to developments in Hong Kong this weekend and over the next week. The 70th anniversary celebration of the People’s Republic of China is October 1st. There is no doubt that the CCP wants the situation in Hong Kong resolved before then, lest it become a major embarrassment for the party and China. The CCP may see the Labor Day weekend in the U.S. as its best opportunity before then. A major crackdown, with arrests, armed and violent response to any protest, limited communication with Hong Kong, and martial law may be on the way soon. Let us all hope that it doesn’t happen.

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