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HK Police Inciting Violent Confrontations?

We cannot vouch for the veracity of this picture. We saw it earlier today, but did not post it, because it was almost unbelievable. Now, others have seen and posted it, so we will repost it, without commenting on its reliability. If this picture is authentic, then it appears that a man armed with a pistol (some are claiming it is a Glock of a type used by the HK police) is igniting and throwing a “petrol bomb.” Again, if it is authentic, the residents of HK are not allowed to own firearms, so the only other possibility is that it is a member of the HK police or a CCP infiltrator. The only purpose for that would be to incite more violence and have it blamed on protesters.

On the other hand, we have commented earlier about real-looking, but fake, weapons being used in the protests. Without being able to see the entire pistol closely, it is impossible for us to say that this is an actual HK police service pistol or a fake. That said, it doesn’t seem likely any protester would carry a fake pistol when it would just increase chances of being shot by the police.

It is entirely believeable that CCP infiltrators are throwing these petrol bombs and performing other acts of extreme violence in order to blame the protesters and facilitate the CCP disinformation campaign again Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activists.

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