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Chinese Disinformation and Propaganda Campaigns on Twitter and Facebook

In the previous post on this site, we highlighted another example of how the CCP coordinates its disinformation and propaganda on Chinese media outlets to confuse narratives and steer public opinion. Of course, they try to do the same on other media as well.

Twitter has exposed a Chinese disinformation and propaganda campaign on the Twitter service.

Tweet from Twitter’s Twitter Safety account

Read the whole thread.

Facebook also announced removal of accounts being run from China as part of a propaganda/disinformation campaign.

All of this propaganda and disinformation (and there is a huge, huge amount of it) is aimed at turning world opinion against the protesters, putting pressure on other governments to respond favorably to China or face loss of Chinese money (bribes), and confusing people. It is undoubtedly coordinated from Beijing and uses a variety of tactics, most of which are pretty obvious, once you start paying attention, because they are almost invariably ham-handed and rather childish.

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