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Carrie Lam Vows to do a Better Job Connecting With Young People

The South China Morning Post is reporting that Carrie Lam, chief executive of Hong Kong said “My colleagues and I will be more patient to get in touch with youth from different classes to listen to their voices” and “We hope that we can fight together to build a better Hong Kong .” Undoubtedly, the HK protesters already think they are fighting to build a better Hong Kong. Do the Beijing and HK governments really believe that these kinds of platitudes will satisfy the protesters? The protests have gone on now for about 10 weeks; this isn’t some minor issue that can be papered over with nice-sounding talk. Looking in from the outside, it appears that the only non-violent resolution is for the Beijing and HK governments to negotiate in good faith, prepared to make real concessions and guaranties in allowing HK true self-determination and freedom. Let’s hope that happens soon.

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